Mark Dobkin sculptor stone, Raku Steel, wood, glass, water, light

Meet Mark

Mark Dobkin sculptor stone, Raku Steel, wood, glass, water, light

Meet Mark

I spend as much time as necessary immersed in finding out what my client truly wants. And when I am absolutely sure of what that is, the creative process unfolds with extraordinary results.

I’ve been creating three-dimensional art forms since I was a child. When I was three I loved to make things with a set of colored wooden blocks my parents had given me. The taller the structure, the better, as high as my arms could reach over my head standing on a stool. At five, my father took me into the forests of the southern California mountains, where I would whittle small pieces of wood with a pocket knife, many becoming fishing lures that I painted a variety of colors.

But it wasn’t until I was twenty-six that I began seriously studying sculpting and found something in my professional life that was a perfect fit for my creative passions. When I took sculpting classes at a local college in Santa Barbara, my work immediately began selling to local corporations and high end home owners. It felt like I had come home.

Growing up in California, I had had a love affair with the ocean. I learned to swim, and soon began to surf the waves, which became one of my passions throughout my life, surfing in various pacific coasts including Hawaii, mainland Mexico, Baja, Costa Rica, Florida, and The Caribbean. Adding sailing and diving was the perfect foundation for my sculptural marine series, including shells, yachts, and the waves themselves.

In recent years, my life has taken me inland — first to Ashland, Oregon, and eventually even further to Asheville, NC, where I now live. As I transitioned, so did my art, moving beyond marine forms to include nature and land forms as well.

After finding myself on a deep spiritual path, my work changed to more abstract and natural organic forms. Years of meditation gave me a way of allowing the designs to come to me. The end result was something beyond myself.  I use this same process when I create for others.

When creating a piece for a particular individual, I go to great lengths to understand in detail exactly what my client wants. It is very important to know how the client wants to feel, and how they want to experience the space I’m creating. If it’s a yacht sculpture, I will sail with that person, feel with them how they experience their boat. In a person’s home, I will interview them, walk every room with them, find out their vision and desire. What kind of impact are they looking for — subtle, peaceful, calming, or alive with energy and vitality. If it’s an outdoor piece, I work with the natural environment to either play off or contrast it, depending on the feeling to be achieved. When I work with Interior Designers, I carefully consider both the designer’s vision for their client’s home or business and their client’s own vision.

I spend as much time as necessary immersed in my client’s environment in order to let the creative process happen. And when it does, it’s always extraordinary.

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My work has been shown at the Mystic Maritime Gallery in Mystic Connecticut, Sea Fantasy Gallery in Monterey, and The Finger Hut Gallery downtown in the village of La Jolla. Some of my production art was sold to The Contemporary Museum of Art in Orange County and the Japanese Historical Museum in Los Angeles.

Some corporate clients include:

America OnLine
Nexus Hair Care International
PGA West
KLM Resorts
Miraval Resort and Spa
Four Seasons Resorts
Neiman Marcus