Mark Dobkin sculptor stone, Raku Steel, wood, glass, water, light

Meet Mark

My commitment is:

— To make a difference by providing experiences that invite people to contemplate and feel deeply

— To inspire love, and by doing that, beauty shows up in physical form in  both artwork and people

— To be a catalyst and advocate for compassionate change in the world

*          *          *

My work has been shown at the Mystic Maritime Gallery in Mystic Connecticut, Sea Fantasy Gallery in Monterey, and The Finger Hut Gallery downtown in the village of La Jolla. Some of my production art was sold to The Contemporary Museum of Art in Orange County and the Japanese Historical Museum in Los Angeles.

Some corporate clients include:

America OnLine
Nexus Hair Care International
PGA West
KLM Resorts
Miraval Resort and Spa
Four Seasons Resorts
Neiman Marcus